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Adventures of StoryTeller
by Herb Rice and Susan Rankin
Hear Herb's Interview about the games on CBC's North by Northwest

Adventures I:
Adventures II:

1.   First Fire
StoryTeller wants to become a warrior. He knows that the Great Hunter lives nearby, but he is too shy to ask the Great Hunter to teach him how to become a warrior. He sees the Great Hunter collecting logs and flint and sandstone in the forest, so StoryTeller runs through the forest, in fear of the bears and vultures, gathering these things to offer to the Great Hunter. The Great Hunter appreciates StoryTeller's efforts and in turn tells him some of the secrets of hunting, teaches him how to make fire and gifts him with a bow and arrows.

1.   Story Teller Caving
StoryTeller traveled for a very long time. After many days he came to a vast mountain range. It seemed to go on forever. He had heard a legend that there were a series of caves beneath the mountains that would take him all the way to the sea. But he would have to be very brave and limber to face the dangers of the caves. StoryTeller decided to face the caves. He knew that he need not fear an action to appease the ghosts because he always carried his ghosts with him. And so he entered the caves...
2.   Furious Food Forage
The Great Hunter teaches StoryTeller about the plants that grow in the forest. Some are for food, some are for medicine. Now StoryTeller will never be hungry in the forest.

2.   StoryTeller Goes Food Fishing
StoryTeller arrived at a tiny village on Cowichan Bay. Although the men and women were sick from illness they welcomed him warmly. The children had to fend for themselves and all the villagers were starving. "Before the whiteman came, we could walk across the bay on the backs of the Salmon." an ancient man told StoryTeller. "I will go fishing and I will bring food for the whole village." StoryTeller promised him.
3.   Canoe Quest
StoryTeller notices that the best plants grow across the river. It is too deep and too fast to cross. After many adventures including diving into the ocean, the Great Hunter teaches StoryTeller how to build a raft, a spear, an adze, and finally, a canoe.

3.   Day Long Duck Hunt
StoryTeller came to a village on Cowichan Bay All the men had died from the wars. The women and children were starving. They told him that there were many fowl on the estuary of the Bay and that when the men were alive, they had never been short of food. I will bring enough food for the whole village. StoryTeller promised them. So long before dawn the next day StoryTeller walked to the Estuary. He hunted all day and all night to bring food to the hungry villagers.
4.   Mystic Mountain
"I have taught you all I can." the Great Hunter tells StoryTeller. And then the Great Hunter sends StoryTeller on one last quest, to the Mystic Mountain where StoryTeller must go, unguided, up the mountain to find the Eagle's Feather.

4.   Deep Sea Diving
StoryTeller travelled further along the waterside. He came to a village on the edge of the Island. There were many little children running around the village but there were no adults anywhere. The biggest of the children told him that the adults had gone off to catch whales for the winter and had not come back. "Do not worry," StoryTeller told them "I will dive into the ocean and bring back food for everybody.

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